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2015+ WRX FA20 Mod Guide

We did some testing on our 2016 WRX here at our shop and wanted to share the results with you guys! This was a completely stock FA20 WRX and we did 4 stages of modifications from stock and kept track of the results to compare. All of these results are uncorrected numbers which are about 25% lower than you would expect to see on a Dynojet dyno or our “Shootout” numbers.

Below you find the information of our findings along with dynographs for comparison. If you have any questions about building your 2015+ WRX, give us a call (763) 316-5882.

Stage 1 vs Stock

This included the Cobb Accessport and no modifications on the same fuel as our stock vehicle. This was a custom tune by us with no modifications.

This stage we made 202.5 HP and 241.5 TQ on our dyno. We saw a 21 HP or 12% increase in peak HP and 32 TQ or 15% gain in TQ over stock. We were able to get a good 10-20 HP increase through the whole powerband.

Stage 2 vs Stock

This included the same fuel from our stage 1. We removed the 2nd restrictor pill and added a Grimmspeed J-pipe.

This stage made 220.7 HP and 263 TQ on our dyno. With stage 2 we found a 40 HP or 22% increase in peak HP and 53 TQ or 25% gain in TQ over stock. You can also expect about 10-20 HP increase at this stage if you add an intake.

Stage 2+ vs Stock

This included the same items and fuel from our stage 2. Additionally we installed a Grimmspeed intake, Grimmspeed electronic boost controller, Grimmspeed charge pipe, and most importantly a Grimmspeed intercooler.

This stage made 250 HP and 265 TQ on our dyno. With stage 2+ we found a 69 HP or 38% increase in peak HP and 55 TQ or 26% gain in TQ over stock. Upgrading the factory intercooler to a Grimmspeed intercooler is one of the best modifications you can do on these vehicles. With the factory intercooler we were seeing manifold temps peaking between 130-150 deg F by 6500 RPMS. With the Grimmspeed intercooler we commonly only see 5-10 deg increase compared to the 30-50 deg we see with the stock intercooler. This was nearly 30 HP increase from the Grimmspeed intercooler.

Stage 2+ E60 vs Stock

This included the same items as our stage 2+. Additionally we added a Cobb flex fuel kit, AEM fuel pump, and put the vehicle on 60% ethanol.

This stage made 310 HP and 299 TQ on our dyno. With stage 2+ E60 we found a 128 HP or 71% increase in peak HP and 89 HP or 42% gain in TQ over stock. We did keep the torque lower than it could have gotten to help protect the weak rods in these engines. We saw gains of around 80 HP at 4100 RPMS climbing up to around 150 HP at 6400 RPMS over stock. We saw about 60 HP in peak power from stage 2+ to stage 2+ with E60 with no changes in boost.

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