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Here at JM Automotive we know buying aftermarket parts can be confusing and sometimes expensive. While using us for all your parts needs we can price match to make each and every dollar count for you to achieve your vehicles goals! With our years of experience of building engines, tuning, and selling parts we can help guide you down the right path with ease! Call or email us today to place an order or ask questions!

We carry most of the basic parts in stock for 2002 and newer turbo Subaru’s. We carry downpipes, up-pipes, fuel injectors, fuel injector rails and lines, top feed conversion kits, fuel pumps, flex fuel kits (Cobb and Delicious), boost controllers, map sensors, and many many more parts on hand. We can get almost anything else in stock in 2-3 business days on our daily order. We do not charge shipping on any parts picked up at our shop even if it’s not a stocking item.

We always build a parts list custom to your goals. We usually ask what your goals are, plan of use is with your vehicle, and what your budget is. With this information we are able to get you the best parts for your plan of use with your budget in mind. We commonly see parts sales guys sell customers a FP Black turbo with 1050x injectors and a 340 LPH fuel pump. We find out the customer wants to autocross the vehicle when they ask to get these parts installed. This turbo is way too large and laggy for auto crossing and also that fuel system is too small to run this turbo safely on E85. We have dozens of proven recipes with our years of sales, tuning, and first hand racing experience!

Due to how busy we get, we no longer offer free build advice to non parts purchasing customers. That is even if we are tuning or installing those parts. Your parts supplier should be able to give you the proper advice to purchase the proper proven parts for your goals and plan of use. If you are looking to purchase parts through us, we will gladly put a build list together for you to meet your goals and make sure you have all the best dyno proven parts. Most tuners will not tune any fuel injector brand and buying the wrong injectors may run the risk of getting turned down by a tuner. Also all new parts purchased through us come with a manufacturer warranty. If that part fails then we not only deal with the manufacturer directly for you but we also warranty the labor too if we did the installation. Any customer supplied parts installed by us come with no warranty through us, your warranty is through your parts distributor.

We will install customer supplied parts. But we do have a higher labor rate on customer supplied parts installation.

Need some guidance on your build before you purchase parts?

Use the form below to provide us the details of your current build, what your plans are, and we will use our expert advice to guide you in the right direction.

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