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Evo X Mod Guide

We put together the typical results from modifying your 2008-2015 Mitsubishi EVO X and wanted to share the results with you guys! The baseline was a completely stock 2015 EVO X Final Edition and we have the 2 most common stages of modifications from stock to compare. All of these results are uncorrected numbers which are about 25% lower than you would expect to see on a Dynojet dyno or our “Shootout” numbers. For more information on comparing dyno numbers check out our dyno page.

Our starting point was completely stock. With no tuning, no modifications, and with 91 octane fuel.

This vehicle made 228.3 HP and 246.9 TQ on our Dyno at 20psi tapering down to 12psi by redline. The factory rates this car at 303hp/305tq at the crank. A non Final Edition 2008-2015 EVO X makes 291hp/300tq at the crank or about 216hp/241tq at the wheels on our dyno, so most people will see gains of an additional 4%.

Below you find the information of our findings along with dynographs for comparison. If you have any questions about building your  2008-2015 EVO X, give us a call (763) 316-5882.

Stage 2 vs Stock

This stage includes an aftermarket intake, turbo back exhaust and 3port boost controller. This particular car had an ETS Intake, Map Intercooler/ Upper Piping, AMS Downpipe, and Cobb EBCS. This car made 273.3 HP and 306.5 TQ with boost hitting 26psi and tapering down to about 19 by redline. Tuned on 91oct.

You can expect to see about 19% or 45 HP peak gain in power and 24% or 60 TQ peak gain. AT 3200-5000 we saw a 40 – 45 HP increase and from 5000rpm+ it increased to a 60hp gain by the 7700rpm redline.

Stage 3 vs Stock

This stage includes all of STG 2 plus the addition of Fuel Injector Clinic 1200cc, DW 340lph fuel pump and E85. This car made 324.1 HP and 328.1 TQ with boost hitting 26psi tapering down to about 19psi by redline. Tuned on E85.

You can expect to see about 42% or 96 HP peak gain in power and 33% or 81 Peak TQ gain over stock. We purposely keep the wheel torque below 315-325 ft/lbs to help preserve the stock rods.

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