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Pre-Tune Checklist

Tuning does not fix mechanical issues or misfires. Tuning is designed for vehicles that are already in good running condition and designed to make aftermarket parts work properly together.

If you feel your car has any mechanical issues or is misfiring please contact us and we can schedule a time before your dyno tune and fix any problems it has. If we strap the car on the dyno and find misfires or other issues we will charge you the dyno rate of 175 dollars an hour to repair the issues or remove the car from the dyno and reschedule your tune and charge you for the time on the dyno.


  • Make sure you have the fuel you want to be tuned on in your vehicle when you come in for the tune. If you tune on 93 octane you will make more hp but you can damage your engine if you boost with 91 or 92 octane in your vehicle. If you want to be able to run 91, 92, or 93 then you will want to tune your vehicle with 91 octane in it.
  • We cannot tune with misfires or a bad front O2 sensor (vehicle AFR sensor)
  • If you don’t know the history on your spark plugs please replace them beforehand
  • No exhaust leaks
  • No massive oil/coolant/transmission fluid leaks.
  • Fresh Engine Oil To Prevent Engine Failure At Higher RPMS. No Mobil One Or Royal Purple Recommended In Turbo Subaru Engines
  • For Single fuel tunes please come in with at least 1/4th tank of gas.
  • For Dual Fuel/ Flex Fuel tunes please come in with around 1/4th tank of gas but no more than half.
  • Verify no boost/vacuum leaks. If you installed a front mount intercooler or had your engine apart a boost/vacuum leak test is a must
  • Verify front 02 sensor is in working condition
  • Tuning 02-07 WRX/STI models for over 22 PSI an aftermarket map sensor is required
  • Tuning 08+ WRX/STI models for over 26 PSI an aftermarket map sensor is required
  • Clean out passenger seat
  • Make sure tires are fully inflated to the correct pressure
  • Make sure your clutch is not slipping and able to handle the torque for upgraded mods
  • Make sure your battery and charging system are operating properly
    Vehicle must be road ready
  • No massive group of friends.
  • Recommended not to have 91 non oxy or non ethanol. This is bad for turbocharged engines and is basically 87 octane in real life testing. We will tune your car on that fuel and you will make substantially less hp. If you decide to come back with a better fuel you will have to pay for a tune adjustment (dyno hourly rate).

We do offer pre-tune inspections (Call for vehicle pricing)

Our pre-tune inspections can include:

  • Compression test / replace spark plugs
  • Boost leak test
  • Fuel pressure test
  • Clean MAF
  • Test front Oxygen Sensor
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