2022 WRX Mod Guide

These are the typical results you can expect when modifying your 2022 WRX. We started with a completely stock FA24 WRX and so far have done 2 stages of modifications. Currently, there isn’t much available for the 2022 WRX for aftermarket parts but as they are released, we will do more testing and add the updated power outputs. All of these results are standard Dyno Dynamics power numbers which are 20-25% lower than you would expect to see on a Dynojet dyno or our “Shootout” numbers. For more information on comparing dyno numbers check out our dyno page.

Our starting point was completely stock. With no tuning, no modifications, and with 91 octane fuel.

This vehicle made 225.3 HP and 219.3 FtLb TQ on our Dyno at 8 psi ramping up to about 12 psi by redline. The factory rates these cars at 271 HP and 258 FtLb TQ at the crank.

Below you find the information of our findings along with dyno graphs for comparison. If you have any questions about building your 2022+ WRX, give us a call (763) 316-5882.

Stage 1 vs Stock

This included the Cobb Accessport, Grimmspeed Drop-In Panel Filter, and Catback. We performed a custom tune on 93oct at 18psi and these are the results.

This stage we made an impressive 260.6 HP and 324 TQ on our dyno. We saw a 35 HP or 16% increase in peak HP and 105 FtLb or 48% gain in TQ over stock. We were able to make 60+ HP over stock from 3200rpm to 5000rpm.

Stage 1+ E40 vs Stock

For this comparison, we drained the 93oct out and put in E40. This stage we made an even more impressive 289.4 HP and 351 TQ on our dyno. We saw a 65 HP or 28% increase in peak HP and 132 FtLb or 60% gain in TQ over stock. We were able to make 80+ HP over stock from 3200rpm to 5000rpm. For comparison, this is almost exactly the same power our STG 3 STI made and all you need is an Accessport and E40 tune!

E40 is an easy way to run ethanol; you just put a 50:50 mix of E85 and 91/93 when you refuel. Even with varying ethanol content at the pumps of 60-85% you will always end up with the fueling being within + or – 3%. Since the 2022 WRX is full time closed loop it will correct the fueling even under full throttle so it’s always spot on.

Above you can see how much power the 2022 WRX makes on E40 vs a 2021 STI on E85. With just E40 and a tune the 2022 WRX has an almost identical power curve as a 2021 STI with upgraded fuel injectors, intake, downpipe, boost controller, and fuel pump.

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