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We Have Blocks In Stock!

Is your engine knocking or have a broken ring land? Are you looking to build your engine to handle power? Here at JM Auto we can help you. We have several choices to get your Subaru back on the road and running strong again. Worried about how much time it will take to get your engine rebuilt? Don’t worry, we have blocks in stock for the quickest engine rebuilds in town!


Our first choice, which is the fastest and the most inexpensive is a OEM short block. We take your engine apart and have the heads completely rebuilt (valves and seats ground, heads resurfaced, new valve seals, guides inspected/replaced, and valve lashed. Then transfer all the other components over to the new short block. We reassemble the engine using all OEM gaskets and seals.

JMA Stage 1

Our second choice is a OEM short block with drop in pistons. Same as the first we take your heads and have them completely rebuilt. Then we remove the OEM pistons and put your choice of Manley or CP drop in pistons in. Transfer all components from the old block to the new and re assemble with OEM gaskets and seals.

JMA Stage 2

Choice number 3 is rebuilding your current block. We tear it all the way down to just the case halves. Send the case halves out to be torque plate bored and honed. Rebuild the heads and assemble using OEM gaskets and seals. With this option we can install pistons, rods and bearings of your choosing.

JMA Stage 3

Number 4 is the second strongest. We use brand new OEM case halves with the OEM bore of 99.5mm. We drop in Manley or Cp pistons. Then we install a brand new sti crank and put the rods and bearings of your choice in. Rebuild the heads and re assemble with OEM gaskets and seals.

JMA Stage 4

Number 5 is the strongest. We go all out at this stage and use a IAG closed deck block. IAG torque plate bores and hones brand new case halves to 99.75mm. Then we install piston, rods and bearings of your choosing. We use a brand new sti crank. Have your heads rebuilt and re assemble using OEM gaskets and seals. With this option we can also get 1/2” head studs for superior strength.

All of our builds include a Killer B oil pick up. Brand new oil cooler, oil pans and oil pumps if we find any signs that metal has gone through the engine.

We can also customize your engine by adding parts like head studs, upgraded valves, valve springs, retainers and cams, either 2.1, 2.35, 2.6, 2.7 stroker, and a 2.5 hybrid if desired. If your looking for more then just a rebuild we also do things like turbo upgrades, TGV and air pump deletes and offer full in house tuning to get all of your new parts operating at peek performance.

All builds are blue printed by us so all clearances are with in spec to help enable your build to last as long as possible. All of our machine work is done by the best machinist in the business.


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