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Diagnostic Form

    Please fill this form out to the best of your ability and honestly. If you tried to fix the car letting us know what you all did helps in the diagnosis process, we don't care that you tried to fix the car and won't make you feel bad because you couldn't fix it. Filling this form out accurately will save you money as it will take us less time to diagnose your car.

    Please describe in detail the problem’s you are having

    When did the problem first start or when did you first notice it?

    How long has the problem been happening?

    Have you recently installed any new parts or replaced parts to try to fix the problem?If yes please list any and all parts you have installed and what you have done to try to fix the car?

    Does the problem seem related to engine temperature?i.e., the car starts and runs fine but once the engine warms up it runs poorly or it starts and runs poorly and once warm it runs well.

    Does the problem seem related to outside temperature?i.e., the car only has problems when the air temp is below or above a certain temp.

    Does the problem take a lot of driving or engine run time for the issue to happen?i.e., do you have to drive the car a certain distance, like 50 miles, for it to happen or does the engine need to be running for a certain amount of time, like 20 minutes?

    Is the problem RPM, Boost, Throttle position dependent?i.e., does the problem only happen when above a certain boost like 5 PSI, only happens past certain RPM like 3000, or only happens above a certain throttle position like 50%.

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