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GrimmSpeed Version 2 GESI Catted J-Pipe – 2015-2021 WRX

GrimmSpeed Version 2 GESI Catted J-Pipe – 2015-2021 WRX


The Version 2 GESI J-Pipe does retain the best qualities of the original: tough 3″ 304 stainless steel construction, thick 1/2″ flanges and the type of fit and finish that you’ve come to expect from GrimmSpeed. This is your first taste of the next generation of GrimmSpeed Exhaust Products, with a lot more exciting offerings to come!


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The first thing you’ll notice is that The GrimmSpeed Version 2 J-Pipe is now a 2-piece design. This not only helps to keep the U.S. welding/manufacturing, packaging and shipping costs down to keep the end product within a reasonable price range, but it also allows for easier solo-installation of the pipe. No more having to use exhaust stands or taking your chances by trying to balance a 6′ steel pipe in the air!

Cast Steel Collectors

Another major design change are the cast steel collectors surrounding the cat. These not only look phenomenal stamped with the GrimmSpeed logo, but also allow for optimized exhaust flow compared to other aftermarket offerings. They include a 3rd bung, giving you the option to run an additional sensor/gauge without having to tap or weld the unit. The cast collectors and 2-piece design of this pipe also allowed further improvement to ground clearance over our original design. This results in an additional inch of clearance, especially crucial for lowered cars.

GESI Catalytic Converter

The inclusion of the GESI Catalytic Converter is one of the major changes for the V2 J-Pipe. While retaining the high-flow characteristics of our former high-flow cat, the GESI is a much more robust unit in its ability to clean particulate matter that is part of the combustion process, while retaining all the performance benefits which are expected from a GrimmSpeed Product. During our real-world, long-term testing, the V2 pipe did not throw a check engine light for catalyst inefficiency (results may vary depending on individual setups/modifications).

Quick Specs

  • GESI Catalytic Converter – Comes as standard in all V2 J-Pipes
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction  – Using the BEST materials in the industry
  • Thick 1/2″ Flanges – Added durability and longevity
  • Cast Steel Collectors  – Extremely strong with low restriction for optimized flow
  • 2 Piece Design – Makes for much easier solo installation
  • Standard 3rd 02 Bung – Allows for optional use of aftermarket sensors
  • Grounding Strap Mount – Retains all factory functionality
  • Custom Stainless Turbo Studs Included – Replaces cross-thread prone OEM versions
  • Gaskets and Hardware Included – Everything you need for an easy install (will require 3″-to-OEM Exhaust Adapter to run w/ factory catback)
  • Tuning recommended for optimum performance


Additional Information

Weight 26.8 lbs
Dimensions 43.2 × 14.5 × 5.7 in


  • 2015-2021 WRX


Installation Guide

Install Guide