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JM Automotive is the fastest growing Subaru performance shop in Minnesota. We sell and install performance parts, do full engine overhauls, performance builds, and offer tuning to go with it!

Our full-time tuner Devin has been tuning Subarus and other makes for a number of years and has experience with both open source and AccessPort tuning. For more information on tuning, you can call us at 763-316-5882.

We have a lot of information about tuning and modifying your car; before doing so, please read all of the information provided in the links above.

We tune with the following programs:

  • Cobb Accessport (Subaru, Mitsubishi Evo X)
  • Opensource/ECU flash (Subaru and Mitsubishi)
  • Openflash tablet (BRZ and FRS)
  • EcuTek (BRZ and FRS)
  • Megasquirt
  • Haltech
  • Motorsports Electronics

If you have a different tuning software call and see if we can help you out with it.

Note: A Cobb Accessport is require for tuning the following vehicles: 15+ Subaru WRXs/STIs, 14+ Subaru Forester XTs, all Ford Eco-Boost

We are here to help!

There is nothing worse than getting your car tuned and not making the power you were hoping for all because the fuel pump or injectors you just purchased are too small or you end up with massive turbo lag because the turbo you choose is too large for the power you want.

Feel free to contact us and we can help guide you through picking all the parts for your build. We do this all day everyday and have a lot of experience with aftermarket parts and can help you decide what turbo, injectors, fuel pump and many other parts to get the most out of your tune and have a great driving car for the purpose you plan to use it for. We also are parts vendors for pretty much every major performance parts brand out there and price match any listed price online from authorized dealers.

Contact us for your build advice, parts purchases, and part installations.

Before modifying your vehicle, please understand the following:

  • Modifications and tuning can and most likely will void any vehicle warranty you have
  • Certain modifications and tuning is not street legal and designed for track use only
  • We are not liable for any modifications purchased from us, installed by us, or any vehicles tuned by us. Research before you modify your car and modify your car at your own risk
  • 2013-14 WRX’s have a high failure rate and have class action lawsuits against Subaru. The factory Subaru engines have some known issues, but in these years the failure rates are even higher than others, stock or modified.

Check out our pricing list for the most common vehicles, dual tunes, dyno rental, and more.

Pre-Tune Checklist

Check out our pre-tune checklist to make sure you and your car are ready for your scheduled tune.


Get all you need to know on modifying your 2015+ WRX or STI with first-hand experience from JM.

Ethanol Calculator

Use our ethanol calculator to easily calculate ethanol percentage in your fuel mix.

Pre-Tune Forms

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Pre-Tune Waivers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will some frequently asked questions relating to tuning. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out by calling us at (763) 316-5882 or via email.

Sometimes knock is also called detonation. Detonation is characterized by the air/fuel mixture spontaneously igniting during the compression stroke. The force of this early, unintended explosion is counter to the direction of the piston and results in a sharp increase in cylinder pressure.

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Thanks to the power of the AccessPORT, it’s now easier than ever to gain unparalleled insight into the current status of your engine’s tune and running condition at any given time.

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When trying to diagnose driveability problems or assessing how well a new tune is working with the vehicle datalogging can be an invaluable tool.

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  1. With the Accessport installed navigate to the “gauges” menu.
  2. If it’s the first time you’ve gone to the gauge menu of the Accessport it will prompt you to ask how many monitors you want to display. The selection can be updated later in the Gauge Setup menu.
  3. From the main gauge display, you can simply hit the center button on the Accessport in order to start logging. If you haven’t pre-selected anything there are default parameters that will be logged which are typically the ones COBB Customer Support will ask you for. Note that the Accessport will show “logging” at the top of the screen and at the bottom will let you know the logging rate.
  4. In order to stop logging, you’ll need to hit the center button on the Accessport again.

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You can find the serial number to of your Accessport V3 underneath the faceplate of the device or within the software. The serial number can be found in the software by selecting “Help” at the top, then selecting “About Accessport”, lastly scroll down until you see “Serial Number Sticker”.

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Garrett Turbo describe boost creep as the following:

“Boost creep is a condition of rising boost levels past what the predetermined level has been set at. Boost creep is caused by a fully opened Wastegate(s) not being able to flow enough exhaust to bypass the housing via the Wastegate(s) itself. For example, if your boost is set to 12psi, and you go into full boost, you will see a quick rise to 12 or 13psi, but as the rpm’s increase, the boost levels also increase beyond what the boost controller or stock settings were. Boost creep is typically more pronounced at higher rpm’s since there is more exhaust flow present for the Wastegate(s) to bypass. Effective methods of avoiding or eliminating boost creep include porting the internal Wastegate(s) opening to allow more airflow out of the turbine, or to use an external Wastegate(s).”

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