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ACT XACT Flywheel Prolite – 2006-2018.5 WRX


ACT XACT Flywheel Prolite – 2006-2018.5 WRX


ACT Prolite flywheel is a lighter flywheel offering with lowest inertia. Prolite flywheels are designed for best throttle response and acceleration. Prolite flywheels are preferred for road racing or rally racing, and have reduced drivability. Materials are properly distributed for maximum strength, good heat tolerance and rigidity. ACT flywheels are serviceable and can be resurfaced with no need to purchase additional parts.


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**This flywheel will work on other Subaru models (see compatibility tab) but requires the use of  ACT Clutch Kit SB5-HDSS or equivalent.**

ACT Flywheels for both performance and racing are weight optimized for an ideal balance of Moment of Inertia (MOI = resistance to acceleration) and strength. ACT uses one-piece Chromoly steel forgings, the strongest manufacturing method available, to best align the internal grain structure. Streetlite versions are configured for a significant performance boost with minimal drivability compromise. Offered for select applications, Prolite flywheels are aggressively tuned for competition use. These rival the MOI of the lightest aluminum flywheels without any of the potential reliability or maintenance concerns.

Quick Specs

  • 9.4 lbs
  • 9″/228mm Friction Surface Area
  •  Dramatically improved engine response and acceleration
  • Mild to moderate gear rattle
  • Forged, CNC machined and dynamically computer balanced for smooth high RPM reliability
  • One piece construction allows less opportunity for failure and provides uniform efficient heat transfer from the clutch disc
  • Heat-treated forging for strength and toughness
  • induction-hardened ring gears for maximum life
  • Recommended for street and race use
  • SFI 1.1 Approved


  • Pilot Bearing – PB1004
  • Pressure Plate Bolts included (M8-1.25 x 16mm)

Fitment Note: Subaru has incorporated 240mm clutch components into production during mid-2018MY production starting with VIN J*806877. ACT clutch kits and flywheels are not compatible with the revised OEM components.


Additional Information

Weight 10.5 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 13 × 3.1 in


Direct Fitment

  • 2006-2018.5 WRX

OEM Replacement – Requires ACT Clutch Kit SB5-HDSS or Equivalent

  • 2018.5-2021 WRX*
    • *Subaru has incorporated 9.4″/240mm clutch components into production during mid-2018MY production starting with VIN J*806877.  2018+ WRX VIN starting with J*806877 and higher requires ACT Clutch Kit SB5-HDSS or equivalent when using this clutch kit.

Dual Mass Replacement – Requires ACT Clutch Kit SB5-HDSS or Equivalent


Installation Guide

Install Guide