Cobb Rear Shifter Bushing – 02-14 WRX / 04-21 STI / 04-08 FXT / 05-09 OBXT/LGT

Cobb Rear Shifter Bushing – 02-14 WRX / 04-21 STI / 04-08 FXT / 05-09 OBXT/LGT


This shifter bushing upgrade is a perfect addition to a short shifter upgrade. Short shifters reduce shifter throw and can lower shift knob height, making shifting precision more critical. The COBB Rear Shifter Bushing improves shifting precision and feel when used with a short shifter.

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The popular COBB Subaru Rear Shifter Bushing is the final piece of the puzzle to eliminating excessive shifter compliance in the factory setup. The Rear Shifter Bushing is a direct replacement for the soft rubber bushing found at the back of the shifter assembly. This upgraded bushing greatly improves the feel of the shifter by reducing side-to-side and front-to-back compliance (slop) found in the stock shifter mechanism caused by soft rubber bushings. This bushing is made from 85A durometer urethane and comes with everything needed for an easy installation with simple hand tools. Works on both 5-speed and 6-speed Subaru manual transmissions.

The COBB Rear Shifter Bushing bolts to the chassis using two bolts that are angled inward, making installation a breeze. Other solutions utilizing straight-through holes can be prone to difficult installation and risk cross-threading of bolts.


Subaru Rear Shifter Bushing

  • 85A Durometer
  • Molded Black Urethane
  • Eliminate Front-to-Back Slop in Shifter
  • Improves Shifter Feel
  • Direct OE Replacement


Additional Information

Weight.49 lbs
Dimensions6.3 × 3.2 × 3.1 in


  • 2002-2014 WRX
  • 2004-2021 STI
  • 2004-2008 FXT
  • 2006-2009 LGT Spec B
  • 2005-2009 LGT / OBXT


Installation Guide

Install Guide