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2022+ WRX Dual Tune (Pump Gas/E40) E-Tune

2022+ WRX Dual Tune (Pump Gas/E40) E-Tune


-This E-Tune is for any of the following modifications – Stock/Aftermarket Intake or Drop In Panel Air Filter, Upgraded Intercooler, Cat back/Axle back

Fuel Type Includes

  • One tune for 9192, or 93
  • One tune for E30E40, or E60 

E40 Fuel, Requires blending a 50:50 mix of 91/93 and E85 when you refuel.

Once purchased we will send you a confirmation email with a link to our online pre-tune form. With the pre-tune form, we make sure you have all the correct modifications to meet your power goals. Once filled out we will email you to get the E-Tuning process started.

All E-Tunes have a 6 month timeline to be completed. Most E-Tunes take less then a month if you are actively sending new logs. 


By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that this is a digital file sent via email, so there are no refunds and no warranties. You have also read How E-Tunes Work and have gone over the Pre-Tune Checklist.

This product may not be available for local pick-up. Contact us for more details.



Check out our Mods Guide to see dyno graphs of power outputs and for a good mod path for future modifications.

Pump Gas Typical Gains

  • 300-320+ hp to the wheels!
  • +50 hp (22%) increase in horsepower over stock
  • +95 ft/lbs (43%)  increase in torque over stock

Ethanol (E40) Typical Gains

  • 320-380+ hp to the wheels!
  • +95 hp (42%) increase in horsepower over stock
  • +120 ft/lbs (55%) increase in torque over stock

Why E40

E40 is an easy way to run ethanol; you just put a 50:50 mix of E85 and 91/93 when you refuel. Even with varying ethanol content at the pumps of 60-85% you will always end up with the fueling being within + or – 3%. Since the 2022+ WRX is full time closed loop it will correct the fueling even under full throttle so it’s always spot on.

If you have any questions about E-Tuning you can call us at 763-316-5882 or email us at