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Cobb Alloy Front Lower Control Arm (Complete) Offset Caster – 15-21 WRX/STI

Cobb Alloy Front Lower Control Arm (Complete) Offset Caster – 15-21 WRX/STI


Improve your WRX’s handling to better than that of a stock STI! These Lower Control Arms are lighter weight, have stiffer bushings, and introduce positive caster which all benefit handling characteristics.

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The COBB Subaru Alloy Front Lower Control Arm, Offset Caster (or STD Alignment) will increase the handling of your WRX to better than that of the STI. This is accomplished with by using light-weight alloy construction which yields less unsprung weight. Stiffer bushings also provide better tire contact patch control with minimal NVH and maximum service life. The difference between this unit and the standard caster LCA is the offset provided by the rear bushing assemblies. The center of the bushing assembly is moved inboard (effective to 3 o’clock on the driver’s side and 9 o’clock on the passenger’s side when viewed from above). Doing this moves the rearward mounting position of the arm outboard, in turn sweeping the arm forward slightly which relocates the knuckle and base of the front strut forward introducing additional positive caster (~0.5° per side).


COBB Subaru Alloy Front Lower Control Arm (Complete), Offset Caster WRX 2015-2021, WRX STI 2015-2021, Type RA 2018, S209 2019

  • Light-weight alloy that is stronger than the original steel
  • Caster increase dialed into rear bushing
  • 94a durometer bushings
  • Suitable for track or street use
  • Improved handling

Additional Information

Weight 19.5 lbs
Dimensions 22.3 × 17 × 6.8 in


  • 2015-2021 WRX/STI


Installation Guide

Install Guide