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Base Map

Base Map


Purchase this base map to get your car up and running with your recently installed new parts.

This is a great option for customers not looking to schedule a tune just yet but need a base map to break in your new engine. Its also a good option if you just installed a bunch of new parts and want to get your car running and driving to work out all the kinks.

You can even purchase this if you just need a base map to get your car to another shop for a tune.

All base maps are non-refundable.



This base map will typically have a 4000-5000rpm rev limit (depending on make and model) along with the overboost code set to 5-10psi.
This base map will NOT be designed to be boosted or go full throttle on. If you boost or go full throttle you can easily damage the engine since it’s not a fully tuned map. This map is purely to get your car up and running with any new parts, burping the coolant, and getting break in miles if you recently installed a new engine.

Once purchased please fill out the Pre tune question form linked in the order confirmation email to receive your base map. Please allow 2-3 business days to receive your base map.
After you have purchased a base map and are ready for a dyno tune you can contact us to schedule your tune. We will use your base map purchase as your tune deposit to hold a spot for your tune. This will also be used as a $100 credit towards your tune.

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Subaru, Mitsubishi, BRZ/FRS, Miata