Subaru Tuning Update with Cobb Green Speed and Emissions

We just wanted to let everyone know that with the new Cobb Green speed update we are still tuning cars and making some great power in the process.

We will be making several posts focusing on different aspects of the update and how you can still modify your car and make power while doing so. This post is going to focus on check engine lights and what they mean with the Cobb Green Speed Update.

Now that we can no longer disable check engine lights with your Accessport tune, you might be wondering how to move forward if you want to keep modifying your car. The short answer is you can definitely do so. We have been reinstalling TGV’s, EGR’s, Air Pumps, and replacing broken emissions parts on all of our engine builds or for anyone looking to up their current power level. This is something we have actually been doing for the last year or so in anticipation of someday not being able to turn codes off. We have also been installing the Grimmspeed GESi J-Pipes and Cobb GESi Downpipes like crazy and have no reports of the dreaded P0420 code, although we know some of our customers dream of that 420 day haha

Cars still make power, while adhering to emissions standards

The most exciting news is that all of these cars are making the power we expect or very close to where they should be showing that deleting emissions components wasn’t really helping make any more power.

For those thinking you want to update your power and just deal with the codes, you may run into some problems. First of all, for all Subarus, except the 2002-2005 WRX, the cruise control is disabled along with SI drive if you have a 08+ STI. We have also found that some of the codes for the Air Pump, TGV, or EGR systems will have undesirable results of always pulling ignition timing or disabling the boost control system. Not something you want so we recommend installing all the emissions components you may have deleted so your car is functionally properly.

For those that want to just ditch your Accessport entirely, we do offer opensource tuning and recommend that over standalone. We have been tuning Subarus that way for years. We have defined all of the important tables to make your car run just like it was tuned on an Accessport. We also have available launch control, flat foot shift, and speed density for most models too. All of our opensource tunes on the 08+ cars also include boost by gear and over-boost protection in 4th and 5th on the 5speed and 5th and 6th on the 6speeds. We employ the over-boost protection so if you or someone else accidentally goes full throttle at too low of an rpm and too high of gear you don’t hit super high boost levels, potentially causing major engine damage.

Cars we can currently tune opensource

  • 2004-2020 STI
  • 2002-2014 WRX
  • 2005-2012 LGT/OBXT
  • 2004-2013 FXT

Sorry 2015+ WRX owners, we don’t offer opensource tuning and don’t have any current plans to do so in the future.

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