How much power does a stock 2022 WRX make?

The results are in!

We got a chance to throw the brand new 2022 WRX on our Dyno and it laid down some great numbers in stock form.

Making 219.4 HP and 218.8 TQ with just 12.8psi makes the new 2.4 setup pretty impressive. For comparison a stock 2020 STI makes 215 HP and 218 TQ. We have seen shops in the past use this engine in stock form and make over 500HP so the sky is the limit on power potential. It will also be interesting to see what we can do with the power from 6000-7000 as it currently peaking power around 5800rpms.

We are excited to see the aftermarket parts be developed along with the ECU being opened up for this new generation WRX.

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