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2015+ WRX Custom E-Tune


Get your 2015+ WRX a custom E-Tune from JM Auto. No matter what modifications you have we will get your car running top notch so all of the hard work you have done can be enjoyed. Check out our Mods Guide to see expected power outputs and for a good mod path for future modifications.

Once purchased we will send you a conformation email with a link to our online pre-tune form. With the pre-tune form we make sure you have all the correct modifications to meet your power goals. Once filled out we will email you to get the E-Tuning process started.

Check out our How E-Tuning Works and Pre-Tune Checklist pages for even more info on our custom E-Tunes and to be sure your car is ready for the E-Tune.

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Product Description

We are glad to provide custom E-Tunes for the 2015+ WRX based on our years of dyno tuning knowledge. With all the different performance part combinations, a one size fits all staged tune isn’t always the right choice. We take into account all the modifications you have along with your goals/expiations to give you the best driving/performing car. We also know the limits of these engines and know where in the engine rpms it’s safe to push them and where it’s not.

All of our E-Tunes utilize the latest Cobb Custom Features (CCF) maps to give you the best driving experience. Some of the features we set up on all tunes are:

  • Full time closed loop fueling: We tune every car with full-time closed loop fueling. That means the front O2 sensor controls the AFR under full throttle ensuring the AFR is always spot on.
  • Boost by Gear: All MT tunes have boost by gear. This helps your car hit close to boost target in all gears.
  • High Gear Over-Boost Protection: We employ over-boost protection in 4th-6th to limit boost below defined rpms. An example is if someone goes WOT in too high a gear at too low an rpm, boost is limited to wastegate pressure to keep engine loads low and reduce the risk of engine damage.
  • Cruise Control adjustable Launch Control
  • Max Safe Ethanol Fail-Safe: If the ethanol concentration exceeds a predetermined limit, all flex fuel tunes will throw a COBB5 code. We do this because the 2015+ WRX may easily max out the stock fuel system on full E85.
  • Ethanol Sensor Failure Limp Mode: If the ethanol sensor/module fails, all flex fuel tunes include a fail-safe set to a fixed ethanol concentration. This is done so that even if a COBB1 or COBB2 code is thrown, the car will continue to run and drive normally. Not all tuners do this and we’ve seen folks with failed flex modules unable to race since the car was set to pump gas when they had E60 in the tank, leading the car to run excessively lean. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you.


Emissions Compliance Up-Dates:

Times are changing. To keep the aftermarket performance industry alive and following Cobb’s “Project Green Speed”, we do not disable any check engine lights while Tuning. That means we won’t tune your car if you have a Catless J-Pipe , TGV, or EGR Deletes. If you have any questions or are unsure if we can tune your car, please contact us at [email protected]

We CAN still tune Upgraded Turbos, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pumps, Intercoolers and more. These updates really only remove the ability to turn off check engine lights and flex fuel. We already off a new version of flex fuel, that works with the latest Cobb Green Speed updates, for the 2015+ WRX and more models are soon to follow! Check our Blog for the latest updates.

Cobb Tuning Project Green Speed Updates.

Project Green Speed 3/31/2021

Project Green Speed update 1/31/2022

Project Green Speed update 3/16/2022

Project Green Speed update 4/18/2022 – Removal of Flex Fuel & DTC suppression

Project Green Speed FAQ for 4/18/2022 update

If you have any questions about E-Tuning you can call us at 763-316-5882 or email us at [email protected].