2004-2020 STI / 2006-2014 WRX Dual Fuel (E85/Pump) E-Tune (Open Source)

2004-2020 STI / 2006-2014 WRX Dual Fuel (E85/Pump) E-Tune (Open Source)


-This E-Tune is for cars with an aftermarket Downpipe, Upgraded Fuel Injectors and  Fuel Pump. Can also have stock or aftermarket Intake / EBCS / Intercooler and other supporting mods

-Wideband AFR logging REQUIRED: Can be wired to Rear O2 or Serial Logging via Romraider


By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that this is a digital file sent via email, so there are no refunds and no warranties. You have also read How E-Tunes Work and have gone over the Pre-Tune Checklist.



Check out our Mods Guide to see dyno graphs of power outputs and for a good mod path for future modifications.

Pump Gas Typical Gains

  • 280+ hp to the wheels!
  • +30 hp (16%) increase in horsepower over stock
  • +60 ft/lbs (29%) increase in torque over stock

Ethanol (E85) Typical Gains

  • 370+ hp to the wheels!
  • +80 hp (40%) increase in horsepower over stock
  • +120 ft/lbs (60%) increase in torque over stock

*Noe for 2006-2008 WRX – Quoted power increases are only when running an STI turbo on the 2006-2007 WRX or a VF25 on the 2008 WRX 

Open Source E-Tuning

With Open Source E-Tuning, more is required from the customer than E-Tuning with an Accessport. You MUST have a laptop and be able to install the Open Source programs Romraider – for logging and ECU Flash – for downloading and flashing tunes to your vehicle’s ECU. We will provide all the download links and detailed instructions on how to download the programs. Romraider is a free open source program created by enthusiasts like you. The installation process of Romraider is more involved than commercial programs but nothing most people can’t accomplish.

You will also need a wideband AFR gauge like AEM or Innovate. The gauge will need to be wired to the ECU or use a serial adapter to log with Romraider.

Features included for most years:

  • E85 Cold Starts: Years of testing to get you a E85 tune you can run year round. We have done testing down to -40deg f to make sure your car will always start when running E85
  • 2008+ Boost By Gear: All MT tunes have boost by gear. This helps your car hit close to boost target in all gears
  • Smoother boost for more linear power delivery
  • High Gear Over-Boost ProtectionWe employ over-boost protection in 4th-6th to limit boost below defined rpms. An example is if someone goes WOT in too high a gear at too low an rpm, boost is limited to wastegate pressure to keep engine loads low and reduce the risk of engine damage.
  • Launch control / Flat Foot Shift: Available for most years
  • Speed Density: Available for some years

Once purchased we will send you a confirmation email with a link to our online pre-tune form. With the pre-tune form, we make sure you have all the correct modifications to meet your power goals. Once filled out we will email you to get the E-Tuning process started.

If you have any questions about E-Tuning you can call us at 763-316-5882 or email us at