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JM Automotive is the fastest growing Subaru performance shop in Minnesota. We sell and install performance parts, do full engine overhauls, performance rebuilds, and offer tuning to go with it!

Our full-time tuner Devin has been tuning Subarus and all makes for a number of years and has experience with both open source and AccessPort tuning. For more information on tuning, you can call us at 763-316-5882 or email Devin directly at [email protected].

We tune with the following programs:

  • Cobb Accessport (Subaru and Mazda)
  • Opensource/ECU flash (Subaru and Mitsubishi)
  • Openflash tablet (BRZ and FRS)
  • Megasquirt
  • Hydra EMS
If you have a different tuning software call and see if we can help you out with it.

We have a Dyno Dynamics in house!

Tuning does not fix mechanical issues or misfires. Tuning is designed for vehicles that are already in good running condition and designed to make aftermarket parts work properly together.

If you feel your car has any mechanical issues or is misfiring please contact us and we can schedule a time before your dyno tune and fix any problems it has. If we strap the car on the dyno and find misfires or other issues we will charge you the dyno rate of 150 dollars a hour to repair the issues or remove the car from the dyno and re schedule your tune and charge you for the time on the dyno.

We do offer pre-tune inspections. (Call for vehicle pricing). Our pre-tune inspections include:

  • Compression test / replace spark plugs
  • Boost leak test
  • Fuel pressure test
  • Clean MAF
  • Test front Oxygen Sensor

We are here to help!

There is nothing worse then getting your car tuned and not make the power you were hoping for all because the fuel pump or injectors you just purchased are too small or you end up with massive turbo lag because the turbo you choose is to large for the power you want.

Feel free to contact us and we can help guide you through picking all the parts for your build. We do this all day everyday and have a lot of experience with aftermarket parts and can help you decide what turbo, injectors, fuel pump and many other parts to get the most out of your tune and have a great driving car for the purpose you plan to use it for. We also are parts vendors for pretty much every major performance parts brand out there and price match any listed price online.

Contact us for your build advice, parts purchases, and part installations.

Tune Pricing
(Pricing may vary per vehicle and these prices cover most vehicles in each category)
  • Subaru MAF based tunes $300
  • Subaru hybrid speed density $350
  • Subaru full speed density $400
  • Subaru Flex fuel or dual e85/pump $600 (includes draining gas and 6 gallons of E85)
  • Evo 8/9 MAF based tunes $300
  • Evo 8/9 dual E85/pump – $600 (includes draining gas and 6 gallons of E85)
  • Mazdaspeed 3/6 $300
  • BRZ/FRS openflash tablet $300
  • Other makes and models $150 per hour
  • Dyno rental – $150 per hour (includes AFR and boost monitoring)
  • Dyno pulls – $75 for 3 pulls

Pre-Tune Checklist

  • We cannot tune with misfires or a bad front O2 sensor (vehicle AFR sensor)
  • If you don’t know the history on your spark plugs please replace them beforehand 
  • No exhaust leaks  
  • No massive oil/coolant/transmission fluid leaks.
  • Fresh oil to prevent any damage at higher RPM
  • At least a half tank of gas you want tuned with example 91, 92, 93, E85. Unless we are doing flex fuel or dual pump/E85 tunes (if dual tune/flex
    fuel we recommend coming in with 1/4th – 1/2 tank)
  • Verify no boost leaks
  • Verify front 02 sensor is in working condition
  • Over 21psi aftermarket MAP sensor is recommended
  • Clean out passenger seat
  • Make sure tires are fully inflated to the correct pressure
  • Make sure your clutch is not slipping and able to handle the torque for upgraded mods
  • Make sure your battery and charging system are operating properly
  • Vehicle must be road ready
  • No massive group of friends. 
  • MUST NOT BE on 91 non-oxy gasoline. This is bad for turbocharged engines and we will not tune your vehicle.
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